Large Wh accumulator errors in feeds listing

Wh accumulators do not bear any relationship to reality.

For Solar and Grid measurements, I have an EmonTX, Base and GLCD  system running firmware of December 2013 vintage. After a few adjustments to scalars in EmonTX this has been giving results that compare well with grid and PV meters. As a result of the Kickstarter project I also have an EmonPi system plus new grid pulse counter with firmware last updated 4th Jul 15 to get the latest Solar App.  In the Pi setup I am logging both EmonTX (node 11) and  EmonPi (Node5)  outputs to the feeds page in  Pi CMS. 

To get daily totals in  Vis and Dashboard I set up Wh accumulators immediately after the individual power feeds on the nodes page. However the Wh accumulators seem to be totally crazy showing values with no relation to  the results expected. Last night I deleted and recreated PV, Grid and House Wh accumulators to hopefully get reasonable results, no joy. Actual grid consumption overnight, up to 08:50 was 1160W from the pulsed Wh feed and the old TX  system gave similar results. However the Grid Wh feed read 6070W!  This morning it is very overcast here so PV gen total was about 430W. PV gen Wh  accumulator read 4485W . Just to complete the set House Wh accumulator read 7510W whereas total house use was (1160 + 270 PV)=1430W.

Can anyone explain what is going on?



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Re: Large Wh accumulator errors in feeds listing

Have now found the answer in a post started by Hrant and answered bt Paul B. (Thanks again).

Process "Wh accumulator" is not a more accurate accumulation of energy than "Power to kWh"  which remains the standard way to graph daily, weekly, etc energy measurements. 

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