New to the forum looking for advice on excess pv

Hi all, new to the forum, am active on ev forums.

some info,mi have a 7.5 kW pv array with an additional 3 kW ready to be fitted anytime soon.

i have an approved 7.5kw connection by my dno. I have a 2004 Prius that I have converted to a plug in Prius with 16kwh lithium battery using a salvage Nissan Leaf battery pack. 

I have an additional 16kwh of lithium battery ready for energy storage when I get around to configuring the battery into 48v modules and building the charge regulator controller cut off.

ok, I have a lot of surplus, and am looking for a device that can do a few things. I am not necessarily looking for monitoring, more diverting, if that includes monitoring then that's ok, but diversion of power is the main requirement.

ideally I would like to divert excess into a few areas, one being hot water immersion, then the energynstore, so would ideally like a device that could power 2 outlets and have the ability to do this automatically, ie once the hot water stat has opened, then switch to the battery charger store.

i am a mechanical engineer by trade, I converted the roils myself and built the control circuit, but am not good enough at electronics to do something like this myself, also have no arduino or pi programming skills, although I do have Plc ladder programming skills for a few courses I have attended and works in a production environment working with Plc equipment.

can you suggest anything that could satisfy my requirements?

imhave read a lot on the mk2pvrouter, that looks a nice piece of equipment.

many thanks for your time,

anthony Evans,