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Trystan Lea

I started the openenergymonitor project in early 2009 during the last year of my Physics degree out of an interest in developing open source technologies that help us live in a more sustainable way. Inspired by such projects as the reprap project, fablabs and arduino project and the philosophy behind the free and open source software and maker movement I wanted to get involved and make a contribution.

Im interested in how taking an open source approach can empower us to solve the environmental, social and economic problems we face by being able to take action into our own hands.

I also love getting out in the mountains, climbing and mountain biking.

I share in the work of maintaining this site and am happy to answer questions and comments.

I live in snowdonia, north wales. If you would like to come and visit, see our setup here at oem labs, get in touch:


Email: [email protected]


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