Open source monitoring for electricity, solar, storage, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging.

A versatile and expandable system of sensors and integrations built on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms.

Introducing the emonPi2

A 6 channel electricity monitor with an integrated Raspberry Pi. Supports single or three-phase monitoring, wired temperature sensing & pulse counting. Can be used as a base-station for further sensor nodes. Full local or remote data logging and visualisation capability via EmonCMS.

Expand your system with:

Expand the emonPi2 to 12 CT channels: Add a further 6 CT channels to the emonPi2 (Pi Zero 2W option only).

emonTx5: A 6 channel electricity monitoring node. Transmits data via 433MHz radio to an emonPi or emonBase. Great for expanding an emonPi2 monitoring setup where more CT inputs are required either in the same location or in a different part of the building. Expand the emonTx5 to 12 CT channels with an optional expansion board.

emonTH2: A battery powered, wireless, room based temperature & humidity monitoring node. Transmits data via 433MHz radio to an emonBase or emonPi.

Heat metering: Plug in a M-BUS reader and Modbus reader to the emonPi2 USB ports to read from heat meters and other electricity meters for heat pump monitoring. See also pre-provisioned level 3 heat pump monitor bundle and the initiative.

emonBase: A Raspberry Pi base-station that receives data sent from emonTx and emonTH radio nodes. Can be used instead of an emonPi2 where the installation favours locating these in different parts of a building.

Data logging and visualisation with EmonCMS:

Local on the emonPi2/emonBase. Remote on

Pre built dashboards, advanced graphing tools, flexible input processing.