Multi hop Repeater

Hi all,

Does anybody know if somebody developed a multihop  protocol or a repeater sketch  that can be usefull  in cases where the EMONTX and the EMONBASE are out of range




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Re: Multi hop Repeater

I got hold of an old and cheap SMART RF X10 Automation repeater (Powerhouse branded), 433Mhz, as I was worried that I was losing packets. There are other cheap RF repeaters to be found (all frequencies) - Google/Ebay between 10 and 30 pounds - designed for Automation and RF Alarms etc.

I havent actually convinced myself that it works, but Im not losing data, and the LED on the repeater flashes synchronously with the TX data etc, so it 'feels' good.

If you have an environment where you can test over long distance and If you get one of these types, let us know if it does work - I cant be bothered to test it for myself at the moment!


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Re: Multi hop Repeater

 I think it shoud be easy. You shoud read all the documentation at Jeelabs regarding the Rfm12b. It will give you a good starting point. Check

You will need 2 separete network ids and one radio running the repeater code must be on the range of the 2 networks. There is an example code at I Hope it helps.


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