OpenTRV unit -> Serial Output -> Emoncms

Open Q.... anyone here that are an expert in Emoncms and would know how to turn this serial out in to a "node" ?


the first @ is a kind of control char... next is id of the unit.. next is set temp... the next messured temp... next is humidity level .. next light level and last battery level


So one openTRV outputs data to serial from more than its own as they arrive...



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Re: OpenTRV unit -> Serial Output -> Emoncms

Hello Boelle, sounds like a job for emonhub and perhaps a custom listener that can decode the packet?, interested to hear more about the ideas behind OpenTRV's packet structure.

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Re: OpenTRV unit -> Serial Output -> Emoncms

hi... damon have read the initial post and corrected me

"I think you should say this is a sample of OpenTRV’s current JSON format.

The @ introduces our node ID
and the following parts are temperature (in 1/16th C), relative humidity, light level and battery voltage in centi-Volts"


he is still working on it, but from what i understand this should be a good enough start to work on... 

but yes emonhub could be it... just have to thinker of a way to pair a name to the node id, the node id is so far generated random at first start...

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Re: OpenTRV unit -> Serial Output -> Emoncms

i'm not a genius at programming in any length...


but could it be possible for the radio module from the shop to listen for this data? but i know that rfm12 and rfm23 are 2 entirely differen monsters :-D

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