HopeRF RFM69CW - wireless transceiver 

The RFM69CW is a pin-compatiable replacement for the RFM12B. The module is manufactured by HopeRF with SEMTEC silicon.

Download Datasheet

Hope RF Product Page

With the updated RF12 driver from JeeLabs the RFM69CW can be backwards compatible with the RFM12B 


Credit to LowPowerLab.com for comparison table: 

Another RFM12B comparison from http://www.mikrocontroller.net/articles/RFM69

The native frequency of the RFM69CW can be identified by the addition of an RF network capacitor on the 433Mhz unit.


JeeLabs RF12 JeeLib RF12 Arduino Library Driver: https://github.com/jcw/jeelib

​JeeLabs Forum RF12 RFM69CW discussion topic: http://jeelabs.net/boards/6/topics/4050

To make existing sketches work with RFM69CW , update to latest JeeLib and add #define RF69_COMPAT 1  before #include <JeeLib.h> . See JeeLib example (RF69_COMPAT 0 if using RFM12B)



Hope RF Product Page: http://www.hoperf.com/rf/fsk_module/RFM69CW.htm

RFM69CW Datasheet: http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf/RFM69CW-V1.1.pdf



The RFM69CW requires a 10K-100K pull-up resistor on the SEL to de-select it from the SPI bus to allow ISP uploading: https://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/5345