Data poller for monitoring power use via D-Link DSP-W215 "Smart" plugs

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I recently spent a bit of time poking around with a DSP-W215 "smart" plug. These are new "smart" plugs that offer energy-use monitoring as well as being switchable. They are WiFi based.

Unfortunately, by default, they can only be used via a phone app, and d-link's bullshit cloud crap.

Anyways, long story short, I managed to get shell on the plug, pull the filestructure, and poke around enough to figure out how to get power usage numbers from the plug without having to go through any of d-link's software crap. I've written a little script to feed data from one of these plugs into a emoncms instance.

If you have one of these plugs, this will let you monitor attached power-usage at ~15 second intervals. No authentication is required to get power draw numbers, just the correct request to a undocumented call in the CGI binary's interface. This should be completely safe, and can be used against plugs that are already configured and/or used with d-links cloud stuff without issue. All you need to know is the plug's IP address.




I wrote something similar for the Modlet smart-outlet thing a year or so ago (, but my modlet recently spontaneously shat itself and stopped working (which is actually what promped buying a DSP-W215).

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Re: Data poller for monitoring power use via D-Link DSP-W215 "Smart" plugs

That looks very interesting - I've noted the details in my 'posts to be remembered & FAQ' list.

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