login-problems to emoncms on Windows-Wamp [solved]


just installed emoncms with wamp on a Windows 7-System.

I followed the faq on this web-page: http://emoncms.org/site/docs/installwindows

Some things where different:

- I had to use "Microsoft Visual C++ 2012" instead of "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010"

- Enable gettext was not neccessary (already activ in the php.ini)

- In the "datadir defenitions" there was a 4th path: "phptimestore" -> I added the directory in C.\users\useerxxxx


I made the new database in mysql, added an user with all rights, and changed the settings in "settings.pth"

  • $username = "user";
  • $password = "password";
  • $server = "localhost";
  • $database = "emoncms";

When I type "localhost/emoncms" in my browser I get the login screen.

Using user&password, pressing the login button -> the login window stays, and there appears a  light red block under the password.


I installed all a few times, but there is always the same result. Any hints for me???


edit: perhaps this helps:-->php-error log

--> php warning: php startup: unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp/bin/php/php.5.5.12/ext/php_ldap.dll'



forgot to "put online". After this there is a message in the red area: "Username does not exist" hmmm...?????

What user is expected? Not this one from the settings.pth?

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Re: login-problems to emoncms on Windows-Wamp [solved]



two days, and I got it.

I have to create a new user!!

Stupid from me.

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