error raspberry

Table 'emoncms.raspberrypi' doesn't exist
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in /var/www/emoncms/db.php on line 66

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Re: error raspberry


A little more information will make it easier to help you.

You've did have emoncms working on your raspberrypi.  So what did you do?  What have you changed?




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Re: error raspberry

I formatted to make new installation

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Re: error raspberry


If this was just to upgrade there are upgrade notes here:


However, as you are starting again, you have missed a step or two in the installation notes.

The error suggests that php cannot find the correct database structure in MySQL.


Are you sure you followed items 8 & 9 on this page?


Have you tried rebooting your RaspberryPi?

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