Get last input value from

Right now I'm sending temperature measurements to Is it possible to read out the last supplied value from with the read only api? 

In the API section there is a lot of "Visualisation API" that you can use to direct link to various diagrams, but now I need only the last reported measurement, if possible with time stamp.

The value is also found in the first tab "Inputs".




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Re: Get last input value from


from your note I'm not sure if you want the last reported measurement within or outside.

If you want it outside of, you can use json export 

The path and format is:


(you can actually ignore the &res=<RESOLUTIONVALUE>  bit)

This returns a json feed of the data between the two time values.


Luckily the latest reading is timevalue1 feedvalue1.  So you can read the json feed into an array and read grab the last values.


If there is an easier way, I'll be as happy as you to find it :-)




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Re: Get last input value from

I use:


but that only gives me the last value, while I am also interested how actual it is. The JSON method seems better


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Re: Get last input value from


I tried the last one by mhariznav  and it worked of course. The first I didn't try now as I need to figure out the UNIX TIMESTAMP part first....

I found and will try to do a android app. just inserting a link to http://<server>/emoncms3/feed/value.json?apikey=<key>&id=<feedid> works but the temperature is in very small text.

It is available from but I think I need to do it another way.






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Re: Get last input value from


I was also toying with the appsgeyser a week ago

But what I really need is that it runs as a WIDGET. using metawidget now.

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