Using SCT013 30A by Raspberry Pi

Hi people,

I have SCT 013 30A current sensor and I want to see if motor is working or not working. So it'll be like ON/OFF. I searched a lot of pages about it but I didn't decide how to do. There is no library for RPi. I saw Arduino library but I am not able to edit it for Pi. I'm looking for very simple thing (ON/OFF). If it's DC current it'd be easier but it is AC and I don't know how to do. If you guys have ideas or example Raspberry Pi project, please share with me.

by the way I write Python.



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Re: Using SCT013 30A by Raspberry Pi

If all you want is an on/off signal, you need to rectify the CT output voltage (the 30 A voltage-output version is probably not the best one to use because it has a built-in burden), smooth out the ripple with a low-pass filter, and use that into a digital input on your Pi. You don't need a library if your language can handle digital input pins directly. Bear in mind there's no way that you'll detect a current lower than about 13 A with that arrangement.

You could dispense with the smoothing filter if you were prepared to do a bit more work in the software.

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Re: Using SCT013 30A by Raspberry Pi

I really appreciate for answer.

My current is like below. So I guess if I use digital input, it'll be like ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF... Please bear with me how can I fix. For example: I want to make it ON if there is no 0 Volts for 10 sec.


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