arduino connected via usb - no rf

I've been running an arduino sketch based on the sketch from boredomeprojects . The arduino is measuring vrms and 7 ct sensors on a 3phase+N 400V mains connection. (3 sensors for my mains connection, 1 for solar panels, 3 for a circuit in my home.)

The arduino is connected via usb to an raspberry pi and an python script is converting the serial readings (RP/PF/AP/CU per ct sensor + total CU and vrms) to json. The json is available to ex a webpage connecting to it. (the script is just basically a socks server)

Looking at the EmonPi docs i understand that the atmega328 (basically the arduino) is connected via serial (AMA0) to the PI using "JeeLabs Packet Format": From what i can read from the firmware of EmonPi it uses 2 CT sensors and sends them over serial (just the power1, power2, combinedpower, vrms, temp and pulsecount)

Howerver, I get confused how the raspberry pi is. Is there a way for me to have a local Econcms running on my synology nas getting the data from the python script running on the pi, or is the only solution to change the script on the arduino and discard the use of my python script?