negative KWh


with your help I would like to understand why emoncms is giving negative kwh values. In my input processing chain I create a logtofeed phpfina feed (which is positive ascending) followed by a phpfina PowerToKwh feed which is showing me negative numbers. I have corrected the wrong feed by using your power_to_kwh.php script but after a few seconds emoncms is giving me negative numbers. I attach snapshots of the input process list and data views of the related feeds.

In my thinking, kwh reading calculated after a positive ascending kw power measure should be positive ascending too. Am I wrong ? Can you kindly help on this ?

I am using emonSD-29Mar16 on a emonbase device.


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Re: negative KWh

Are you sending negative power values to emoncms? If you are, look at the installation and calibration instructions to see what you need to do.

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Re: negative KWh

Robert, thank you for answering me. I think the installation is ok because I correctly get positive and negative values in my input as it represents the grid flow BUT in the processing chain I set "allow positive" and after I create the kwh feed; still I get negative kwh values.


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