Dashboard daily bars showing accumulated values

I'm doing something wrong. Could someone enlighten me as to how to properly collect and display daily kWh.

The attached file Nodes.pdf shows the settings for my heat pump for example. Something is incorrect.

The attached file Dashboard.pdf shows the bar charts for my HVAC system with the bar charts showing accumulated data rather than daily as I was hoping.

Thanks, Tom

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Re: Dashboard daily bars showing accumulated values

https://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/12308 had the solution. Obviously I missed a step when applying the information on the page earlier.

Specifically, when setting up the BarGraph:

"Delta: The important property here is 'delta', with delta set to 1 the bar graph will draw the total kWh for each day calculated by from the kWh value at the end of the day minus the kWh at the start."

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