Raspberry Pi 3

I can't get Emoncms to work on my new Raspberry Pi 3.  I have written the emonSD-17Jun2015 image file to a micro SD card.  If I plug the SD card into a Raspberry Pi 2 and power it up, everything works as it should.  The lights on the Pi flash as it boots up and I can get to Emoncms on my browser.  But if I plug the SD card into my Raspberry Pi 3 and apply the power, nothing happens.  No lights on the Ethernet port, no flashing lights, and there is no Ethernet activity. 

I have checked out the Raspberry Pi 3 by copying a Rasbian Jessie image file to another SD card.  The Pi 3 works perfectly with Jessie.

My guess is that the emonSD-17Jun2015 image file won't work with a Pi 3.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Raspberry Pi 3

It seems my problem has been solved.  I searched a bit more and came across this:



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Re: Raspberry Pi 3

Latest emonSD RC2 image has just been released which will work with RasPi3 out of the box:


Download and flash to a 4GB min SD card. It's ready for relase and should be stable. Just need to document some of the newer features in Emoncms V9 and the new backup and import modules to migrate Emoncms data. 

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Re: Raspberry Pi 3

Excellent!  I downloaded it yesterday and I almost have it working.  The web page comes up and the led on my wireless module flashes every 10 seconds as it should, but I have no input data and minicom shows garbage.  Almost there, but not quite.

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