Reading raw current data from raspberry pi


I am working on an energy disaggregation (or non-intrusive load monitoring) project at the moment.

For this, I would need raw current samples (not Irms) to be fed into the raspberry pi. In my understanding the microcontroller on the shield performs power calculations and does not send the raw current to the raspberry pi.

Do you know if this is in principle possible and if so, what would be the maximum sampling frequency of the current?

Thank you very much.

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Re: Reading raw current data from raspberry pi

In principle, it should be possible. The limiting sample rate will be controlled firstly by the ADC itself, which takes 104 μs to convert one sample. If you do this continuously in the background, you then need to send that number via the serial interface to the Raspberry Pi, and handle it there. And you must do that before the next sample is ready. If you can do that, you will get a sample rate of a little less than 10000 per second. If you need voltage as well, then you will get just under 5000 sample pairs per second.

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