emonPi LCD display issues

Just got my emonPi today. Everything seems to be working fine except for the LCD display which after some seconds after reboot starts showing strange characters (they are not really characters though). I updated the emonPi through Emoncms Admin and it was successfully updated but the display continues with the same behavior.

Any idea on where's the problem? Does not look a faulty component or connection since during some seconds the display is showing correct information: emonPi version, AC detected, Raspberry booting, Power 1/2, etc.

Photos attached.



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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

This - or a very similar problem - is talked about towards the end of another thread here. Please check that and come back if the solution there does not help you.

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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

Hey guys,

I just had a very similar thing happen to my emonPi.  It has been running for a while an then this happened.  Now I'm unable to connect to it via browser or SSH.  I was wondering if you had figured out a cause.  I'll see if I can get access again and report back.

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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

Hi, I had a look at the thread that Robert suggests above even though it refers to the emonSD-20Feb2016 build while my emonPi is with emonSD-17Jun2015. Anyway, in that thread somebody suggests updating emonPi firmware as a solution (Emoncms > Admin > Update emonPi > Update now). However in my case, after updating I still got LCD errors. Then I installed emonPi and it ran smoothly for 22 days, reading the LCD power data from time to time. Today I checked all the LCD data pressing the button several times I got the same problem again. In my case I can log into Emoncms and I can see that the Raspberry is not getting data anymore.

After restarting emonPiLCD service I got LCD showing meaningful data again:

[email protected] /var/log/emonpilcd $ sudo service emonPiLCD restart
[ ok ] Stopping system emonPiLCD daemon:.
[ ok ] Starting system emonPiLCD daemon:.

But I still with no data neither in Emoncms nor in the LCD: specifically data was frozen to the last values received. Then I updated emonPi firmware and data was refreshing again.

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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

Hi Matt, 

Sorry to hear your having trouble. It sounds like you may have a hardware issue with the lcd. Please drop shop support an email and we'll arrange a return.

[email protected]

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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

Alternatively, if your feeling up to it, you could unscrew the side of the case and check the LCD connections. It could be a loose connection.

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Re: emonPi LCD display issues

Just an idea, could it be a power issue? What 5V DC PSU are you using? 

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