Arduino 1.6.7 I2C LCD library character issue

I have been using Arduino 1.6.3 to compile all the firmware for the emonPi. Today I upgraded to 1.6.7. The code compiled fine but all the characters on the LCD where garbled. 

The I2C LCD library I am using is:

Does anyone know what has been changed in 1.6.7 that might have causes this issue? There were no errors during compilation. 

Is anyone else using 1.6.7? Do you think it could be bug in the new version of Arduino, maybe it's best to stay a few versions behind the bleeding edge. 

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Re: Arduino 1.6.7 I2C LCD library character issue

Update: Issue has been fixed. I think it was due to updated libC in avr gcc  included in 1.6.78


"The newer avr libC removed support for prog_char" 

Fix was to use updated lib: Sketch comments have been updated to point to the updated lib

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