Wireless Display  

Created on 12/1/11 by Glyn Hudson

Superseded by the emonGLCD wireless open-hardware graphical display unit. 


This display was developed as part of my home monitoring system. The display shows the current power consumption in my house, as well as the outside, living room and hot water cylinder temperature.

The display is a Nuelectronics 3310 LCD  shield on top of an Arduino. I used this improved library re-written by Andrew D Lindsay

The energy monitor is based on the mains non-invasive 3.0 energy monitor

The temperature monitoring is via a one-wire network of three DS18B20 digital temperature sensors.  

The wireless transmission is via a low-cost RF link with Trystan's multiple value transmission code


Here is a copy of the Arduino code: Wireless Display Nokia3310


Future development 

  • I would be cool to integrate a rechargable battery into the display, so it can be made more mobile. 
  • I intend to experiment with different displays, the Nokia3310 display is nice, but it's small. Ideally it should be possible to read the current power consumption from across the room. I intend to investigate using  7-seg display coupled with some sort of ambient power consumption indicator. See http://www.alanmeany.net/ambientknowledge.html for inspiration.