RFM12B - Part 1 - Hardware Overview = Help Needed


I hope you can help me please, I am new to programming an Arduino but keen to learn. I have followed the instructions here: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/buildingblocks/rfm12b-wireless  and connected my RF12 as shown in the drawing.

I downloaded  the jeelabs library and complied the code – all was OK, so I guess the library is being read?

I am using Windows 10, with an Arduino Uno and the project is powered via the USB cable.

The problem is when the code runs, it hangs when it calls “rf12_sendNow(...“

If I comment out that line, the code runs and there's plenty of serial output but with that line there’s not serial output.

I am now very confused and would appreciate your constructive advice.



PS the code is attached

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Re: RFM12B - Part 1 - Hardware Overview = Help Needed

I don't have a Uno, but that sketch runs for me on an emonTx V2 with a RFM12B radio, and on an emonTx V3.4 (with RF69_COMPAT changed, because that has an RFM69CW). So I don't think there's anything wrong with the sketch.

I'd look very hard at your interconnections. Normally, when there's something wrong there, it hangs at "rf12_initialize..." so I'm a bit confused too. Have you got "Arduino Uno" selected in your IDE?

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