Observation: radio interference on emonTx->emonBase frequency

This may help some folks.

I had a problem where my reception from the emonTx was not working. While tracking down problems, I noticed a lot of garbled transmissions were bieng received by the RFM2Pi. During diagnoses of this, I discovered that there were bursts of data on the RFM2Pi receive data line when emonTx was not transmitting. I took a look with a spectrum analyzer and it turns out there are a number of emitters on the same frequency. In my case, I believe they are from sensors on a home security system.


So, garbled reception from the RFM2Pi may be from other stations and not a problem with the emonTx->emonPi/emonBase RF link.

BTW... my own problem was not caused by interference. Replacing the RFM2Pi board with a new one solved it.