Intercept Geo Minim Energy Monitor Data

Hi All, I've had a Raspberry Pi for a few years and tinkered with them now and again, nothing overly complex though. I've recently bought a Geo Minim to monitor our electricity usage but thought it would be really useful if I could record this information using the raspberry pi, key benefits would be to show hour-by-hour historical information and trends by hour/day. At the moment to receiver just shows current usage, weekly and monthly totals. I've found one example that uses a webcam to strip the information and record using a RaspPi but I was wondering if I could intercept the radio signals from the monitor directly. From their website it says it uses the 868 MHz Legato Protocol but not entirely sure where to start.

Through my search I've come across this site and wondering if there is anyway the base unit will be able to reeive information from the Geo Minim Sensor currently paired to my Geo Minim Energy monitor.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Intercept Geo Minim Energy Monitor Data

I haven't personally come across that device before so cannot say either way, you will need to do a bit of leg work and see if you can find any examples of someone doing this, if you can provide some links etc we may be able to help but it's not known to be compatible as far as I'm aware.


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Re: Intercept Geo Minim Energy Monitor Data

I have never seen a reference here either to Geo Minim or the Legato protocol. Taking a quick look, the Legato protocol appears to apply only to the information layer, you still need to find out the details of how the information is carried on the radio channel (the transport layer). And when you've done that, you still need to identify which parts of the protocol are being used in your particular situation, because Legato appears to be very comprehensive.

When you can read the messages from your sensor, it should be a comparatively simple task to repackage the data in a suitable format (presumably for emoncms).

I think you have a significant task ahead of you.

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