U.S. EmonPi

I have a PI that I have attached the RF Board to and I have installed the latest SD Card Image of the EmonPI on it.  I have an EmonTX and I am going to have that transmit to the EmonPI.  I live in the U.S. and I am unsure of what additional steps I need to take in settings this up.

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Re: U.S. EmonPi

You sound a bit mixed up there. EmonPi is a Raspberry Pi with a stripped-down (2 current inputs only) emonTx inside it. I think you have your Raspberry Pi as an emonBase (your setup is this?) on which you want to run the emonCMS software. Is that correct?

There's a Building Blocks page about using your emonTx in the USA, have you seen that?

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Re: U.S. EmonPi

EmonBase with EmonTX

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