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I am struggling on the EmonCS to setup the Feed's correctly.  All I want to do is log how many KWH's I am getting each day.  So on the X Axis Days and on the Y I want KWH used that day.  I just cannot figure it out.  Can anyone help?

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Re: Feeling Stupid - Help

"All I want to do is log how many KWH's I am getting each day."

I assume you mean "getting" as in PV generation as opposed to "getting" from the grid.

Starting on the emoncms "Viz" page, select Bargraph

​Select the feed tracking the total solar kWh (or Wh) generated, the options should be pre-populated with interval=86400, units=1, dp=1, scale=1 and delta=0

Change that bottom option to delta=1 and select view.

Alternatively if you want to include the barchart in a dashboard you will need to start on the respective dashboard in edit mode and select "bargraph" from the visualisations dropdown, place the bargraph and then select configure to get an unpopulated list of options to which you can manually set the options (as above)


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