mysqldump not working - missing data

I am trying to make a backup of a local EMON running on Raspberry Pi.

I tried mysqldump -u root -p emoncms > emoncms_backup.sql, but of course this doesn't work because there is no write permission to that directory.

I did get mysqldump -u root -p emoncms > /home/pi/emoncms_backup.sql

Note: it asks for the password, which isn't the password used to log into the RPi. I found it was the default RPi password.

I imported the emoncms_backup.sql file into another server, even though the file size looked too small. Sure enough there was no actual data containing the information on the power usage.

I also found that exporting to CSV wasn't working as the PHPFina.php was timing out. Only a small amount of the power usage data was exported. The php.ini file was locked, so I couldn't change the timeout setting.

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Re: mysqldump not working - missing data

The sql tables are only used for configuration information in low-write versions, the data is all held in feeds which can be copied over and the sql dump you already have should pick up from there as all the feed file names are the feed ids held in the tables.

The location of the data feeds is defined in emoncms/settings.php in each server.


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