Auto Feed creation and default settings of feeds


My Enecsys Solar Dashboards on EmonCMS are getting bigger and I already have dozends of inverters sending their data to my EmonCMS instance. However, I'm really tired of creating all the feeds manually. The 1st Gen Inverters are creating Inputs with 9 Data points for example.
Some clients have 16 or even 24 Inverters... simple math 24*9 = braindead :-)

I already configured 950 (no joke!) feeds manually and I really hope someone has a solution for creating automatically feeds for nodes and inputs. Just a simple "log to feed" would already solve 80% of my needs.

I think this should be a feautre of EmonCMS. In now there should be a way with a sql script on the feeds table but I can imagine that others would also profit from that because if when you have a lot of inputs and nodes it's annoying to manually create a feed for the simple "log" situations.

What are your opinions on this?

Next thing: Does someone know where the defaults are scripted for creating the feeds? I want to set all feeds public by default. Of course I can do that also manually in the SQL feeds table but thats not EUX and it also requires my action to do that. 


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Re: Auto Feed creation and default settings of feeds

Hi Andreas,

The thing to do is to create your own custom setup tool, by using the input and feed api's you can create the feeds first by specifying name, type and args, when these are created via the api the feedid is returned to the browser so your script can be written in such a way to reuse those feedids plus any other group feed ids (eg totalling) in a "templated" processlist and create the inputs via the input api in the same way.


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