MK2 self consumption

Dear All;

I'm brand new on this forum, and I'm, compared to the knowledge level I'm reading, brand new to electronics. So please don't shoot me down in flames if I make stupid remarks....... Besides that, English is not my native language.

Reading through some of the enormous pile of information available , I haven't found remarks about the self-consumption of the MK2? Is it just me who is "paranoid" about self consumption of electrical items?  About 5 years ago we became very conscious about our energy consumption and had to cut it down. One of our actions was a crusade against 24/7 "vampire"-users. We managed to reduce our yearly electricity grid consumption down to 1000 kWh, before a 1 kWp PV-array was purchased.

Even though I haven't received the new 2x6V JPR Electrical 835-401 transformer and MK2 PCB's from Robin yet, the transformer data sheet suggest a 35 mA self-consumption. If the MK2 were to connected 24/7, the transformer would consume 0.035*240*24*365 = 73.6 kWh/year. In our case that would nearly be a 7.4% consumption increase. This increase has to be covered by the grid, or during the day by the PV-array.

For voltage sampling, I do have another 240V transformer, 10.1Vrms 4.8VA on the single secondary, from a Nokia adaptor, which consumes only 6 mA. This one has a little phase shift during my test at 250Vrms, but I guess it looks okay for Voltage sampling? (see attached pictures) For powering the board (connected to the 5V regulator) I could maybe use a SMP-supply, 7.22VDC, which has a 0.35mA self-consumption. This would bring the transformer self-consumption down from 35mA to 6.35mA.......for me a huge saving.

If this idea is no good, and the advise is to stick to Robin's transformer, has anybody got some idea's to switch the MK2 off during the night? I tested a timer, but its consumption was also around 30 mA. Maybe via taking a signal from the inverter when it goes into the "sleep"-mode during the night? Powering down the MK2 during the night, regardless its consumption, would be ideal of course. Alternatively, if possible, having just the board powered by the SMP-supply (0.35mA self-consumption + board consumption)

Has anybody had some thoughts / idea's about this?

Hope to hear.....