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Good afternoon,
New to emoncms, so don't yell at me too much..

I have build an Arduino based pulse counter. Used some of the code posted on the site, however my goal was to have the Arduino report its data directly to an instance of emoncms (V 8.5.0, installed today from GIT) running on my internal ubuntu 12.04.5 server.

The arduino appears to successfully send data to emoncms, as entries show up on the inputs page. The format of the data I'm sending looks like this (From Apache access log) - - [03/Jul/2015:17:22:06 +0300] "GET /emoncms/input/post.json?json={MeterPower:1213.51,MeterWh:10}&apikey=***YZZY*****" 200 2 "-" "-"

I've reinstalled the server side, checked all permissions,etc....
- Data base is receiving the inputs, but I don't see any values matching sent packets, although input page reports the value sent

I've created two feeds, one for MeterPower, and the other MeterWh.... both report as "inactive".

Any suggestions how to trouble shoot this would be welcome... Did not find anything in the forums, or elsewhere :-(

I'm downloading the PreBuild Pi image, but I don't want to use this as a long term solution, just a trouble shooting tool.

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Re: Feed "inactive"

i think you are missing a node id,

Earlier emoncms could accept data without a node id as it would just assume it was node 0, This is no longer the case and any data without a node id will not get recognized correctly, inputs will be created so it can look like the data has been accepted, but subsequent data from the same node could result in another set of inputs therefore the original inputs go stale and the feeds do not see the new data arriving.

Try adding &node=1 to your url, you can use any number 1..31


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Re: Feed "inactive"


Supper. That worked.... Got a little sidetracked because worked from browser window without apikey, however when arduino sends data, needs it. Now sending....

"GET /emoncms/input/post.json?json={MeterPower:1480.38,MeterWh:13}&node=4&apikey=***hidden ;-)*** HTTP/1.1" 200 198 "-" "Arduino-ethernet"

Anyway, now to get back to building 16 channel meter systems to but into the mix.


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