Transmit data from sensors

Hi there, i have an arduino uno with a rfm12b connected and an arduino pro mini with a ftdi module attached. On 2 breadboards i attached 6 sensors(3 on each breadboard) and i want to transmit the data of this sensors wireless, but idk how.Arduino pro mini need to be tx and arduino uno rx. I will attach here some photos and the code from sensors, separately this code work, i can get the data. i found here examples with rfm12b, but still can't transmit. Can help me anyone?

p.s. sorry for bad english, i'm not native :d


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Re: Transmit data from sensors

I cannot see your sketches. You should attach the files to your post here, use "File attachments".

For the transmitters, look at the sketch for the emonTx Shield on GitHub:

This might help you, but you must change the I/O pins to match your sensors and your breadboard.

For the receiver, look at the sketch for the emonGLCD on GitHub: but ONLY look at the part of the sketch where the message is received and decoded.

Also read the pages in Building Blocks about the RFM12B.

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Re: Transmit data from sensors

Thanks, it helps a lot. I just put here the schetches made in fritzing, that's how my modules looks like and also i use rfm12b exemples

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Re: Transmit data from sensors

We use the JeeLabs JeeLib library to handle the RFM12B radio modules. You will see from our sketches that in setup( ) you need to initialise the module, then in loop( ), for the transmitter you pack the data into a STRUCT and pass that into JeeLib to send the message, in the receiver you poll JeeLib each time around the loop and if there is a message, you then get it into an identical STRUCT and extract the data.

You will probably need to have the same data struct for both inside and outside sensors, with a flag to tell you which values are being used. Then decoding in the receiver is very simple.

typedef struct { boolean inOut, float light, temperatureIn, temperatureOut, humidity, relPressure, absPressure; boolean pressureError } PayloadTX;

PayloadTX emontx;

If inOut is true, you only use the next two values, if inOut is false, you ignore the next two values and use the remainder.

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