Our technical vision

Our technical vision is to create a fully open-source energy monitoring and control system that is suitable for domestic and industrial application. 

The current system contains the following modules: emonTx, emonBase, emonGLCD, emoncms and can be configured for the following applications:

This year we plan to move over to surface mount assembled units and custom casing, of course we want to make this system as easy to use, as high quality if not better than proprietary systems while still maintaining hack-ability and customisation.

See below for links to further information on detailed project plans.

Read more about the ideas behind the technology here

Our project vision

Our project vision is to take part in tackling the important problem of sustainable energy, focusing on energy monitoring and control which is at the heart of smart sustainable energy systems.

Developing and also implementing tools that:

  • Help us relate to the challenge of sustainable energy and to our energy systems.
  • Help us use energy more efficiently and effectively.
  • Help us manage our sustainable energy systems - smart grid, demand management etc.

The key difference is that we are taking an open source approach. For us open source is about collaborative innovation, that is, working with people all over the world as a community to solve important problems. Through this collaboration we hope to create great technology that helps tackle the important problem of sustainable energy.

Our implementation vision

We would like to see the openenergymonitor system implemented widely.

There is an opportunity for businesses, universities and other organisations to provide a service using the technology such as system installations, research, consulting. Indeed this is already happening. Experiences and best practices should be shared in an open manner and improvements fed back into the project.

Glyn Hudson and I (Trystan Lea) have started exploring this avenue through our business Megni, by doing a community energy monitoring and auditing project in our local community, installing 20 energy monitors in 20 houses and doing a full energy audit for each house. The results of the study are to form the basis for a community sustainable energy plan. We have also worked with and installed a system at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

The other opportunity is for supplying, distributing kits and assembled systems. Although there is risk of competition here if not done considerately. We have recently opened an online shop to sell the openenergymonitor hardware units in kit form.

If you would like to use OpenEnergyMonitor hardware in your commercial project/product we suggest two ways which this could work: 

1. Purchase an OpenEnergyMonitor system (or part of) from us and integrate it into your project/product. We would like if you mentioned us with a label on the unit saying something like 'powered by OpenEnergyMonitor'.

2. If you require larger quantities and/or want to customise the design you could take our design (their open-source), modify it and manufacture it yourself. We would ask for a small royalty to cover ongoing development, community support and the listing of your project/product on the OpenEnergyMonitor website. 

Here is a great article by Make magazine listing the ('un-spoken') rules of open-source hardware businesses. We like these rules, try to follow them ourselves and encourage others to do so.

Join us

This is an open source collaborative project and we welcome your involvement. Through open source collaborative innovation we can make great technology.

We have started to create a series of pages that outline our short term development plans and also longer term wish list of features that would be great to have. If you could help us with any of these items that would be very helpful. It is also likely that we have not thought of everything and so if you have an idea for a feature, please propose your idea on these pages or just go ahead and do it and then post on the forums about your work.

OpenEnergyMonitor in general development plans

Emoncms specific development plans