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Jörg Becker

Self-employed embedded software and hardware engineer. Consultant for PV power storage and general power supply solutions. Working on storing surplus PV energy in LiFePo4 batteries for grid tied and off-grid situations. 20+ years of experience in industrial power solutions.

Have my 1.8kWp PV test system installed in July 2011. Main purpose is for testing of PV storage solutions. An then I am also interested to know where my consumed grid power really goes.

My metering system consists of an Eastron SDM630 three-phase energy meter read out via RS485 and Modbus by a RaspberryPi with Emoncms 'low write' and a USB-RS485 adapter.

Added another 1kWp PV system with battery storage. Uses an MPPT charge controller to charge a 24V 240Ah LiFePO4 battery, which is discharged by three AEconversion micro inverters to compensate the self-consumption on all three phases avoiding any feedback to the grid. Then there is a board with a NodeMCU (ESP8266) reading battery voltage and current of the storage battery and sending this data to the EmonCMS on the Raspberry Pi via Wifi.



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