Attribution and Roles

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Overall OpenEnergyMonitor project maintainers 

Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea


OpenEnergyMonitor Forum moderators

fluppie007PaulOckendenRobert WallgeoffsEnergyRnRPaul Reed, Bill Thomson


Sub-project maintainers

EmonTx / emonPi - Glyn Hudson

EmonGLCD - Glyn Hudson

RFM12PI / RFM69Pi - Glyn Hudson and Martin Harizanov

Emoncms - Trystan Lea

EmonHubPaul Burnell (pb66)

MK2 Surplus PV Power diverter - Robin Emley


Significant contributions

Significant contributions from non sub-project maintainers as already listed above.

Robert Wall - significant contributions of his expert electronics knowledge to the project and contribution of several major documentation sections.


Solar PV immersion water heating controller development

Paul Reed - Solar PV immersion water heating controller development

Stuart Pittaway (stuart) - Solar PV immersion water heating controller, significant software development

Richard McDonald (richmc) - Solar PV immersion water heating controller development

Ian Beck (series530) - Solar PV immersion water heating controller, integration of emonTx and emonGLCD

Jörg Becker - Solar PV dump load controller, software debugging



Baptiste Gaultier (galouf) - emoncms and website graphic design

Ildefonso Martínez - significant emoncms contributions

Matthew Wire - emoncms input processing GUI

Paul Allen - emoncms histogram graphs

Nick Boyle - emoncms MQTT, Event module maintainer

Jerome Lafréchoux - maintainer of python raspberrypi module script (now evolved into emonHub)

chaveiro - significant contributions to Emoncms V9 


DC Monitoring

Suneil Tagore - Wind speed and DC energy data logger


Inverter Interfaces

Carlos Alonso Gabizó SMA WebBox data extractor

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The Megni / OpenEnergyMonitor shop team (left to right): Harriet, Trystan, Glyn, Gwil and Amy