An emonBase is a web-connected base-station that receives energy monitoring data from any wireless sensing node such as the EmonTx and EmonTH and posts to a remote or local server for web-based logging and visualization. This server could be an installation of emoncms or a service like Xively.

The RaspberryPi with RFM12Pi adapter board is currently the recommended base station.

Raspberry Pi

With the addition of an RFM12Pi expansion board a Raspberry Pi running emoncms can be used as a powerful emonBase base-station.

NanodeRF SMT

Arduino compatible Atmega28 based emonbase with ENC28J60 Ethernet and RFM12B wireless on-board.


Open Kontrol Gateway

A flexible Arduino compatible web-connected base station with multiple wireless (RFM12B/XRF/Xbee) and Ethernet/wifi controller options 

(not actively supported)


Mbed IoT Gateway

Mbed platform. Mbed LPC1768 with Ethernet and RFM12B

(not actively supported)