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There are many ways in which you can get involved with the project, we try to hold most of our discussions whether troubleshooting or exploring the next line of development on the forums here:


Its also a great place to post and showcase your monitoring system builds and developments.

Development & Labs


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Links to community builds/systems

If you have a build that you would like to share, please add it here: 

SD Card Logging Power Monitor with LCD - Non-invasive AC power meter which logs the data to an SD card with a time stamp from a real-time clock chip. Data is displayed on LCD screen. 

Wireless monitor with PGA and LCD

LCD Power Meter - by Matt Hodge

Solar Power Manager - 2 channel non invasive power meter with LCD, which diverts unused solar power to heat domestic water.     

PV System Monitoring - 2 channel non invasive with Graphics LCD & External Temperature based on emontx &JeeNode

Solar Nanode Immersion Controller - Another water heater with COSM and Emoncms logging, but with an industrial Phase Angle Controller for the power electronics side

Wind speed datalogging (and DC current using invasive hall sensor) - For monitoring the wind speed and power output of a small wind turbine. Data is logged to SD card.

Dave at has made a great write up of his installation + source code that's well worth a look at here.

Emonbase using GPRS instead of Ethernet

Energy monitor PCB with xbee support

Cambridge Sensor Kit (CSK) Energy - build upon OpenEnergyMonitor design

Bee hive monitor - by Glyn Hudson 

Reading IrDA data from an Elster A100C electricity meter

Probee based home zigbee network

Tweet a watt


Chasing 'trons energy meter

Other cool energy monitoring projects

The old builds page can be found here.

Builds upon

You may also be interested in reading about some of the ideas that propel this project forward on the builds upon pages.