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Trystan Lea. Hello and welcome, I started the openenergymonitor project in early 2009 during the last year of my Physics degree out of an interest in developing open source technologies that help us live in a more sustainable way. Inspired by such projects as the reprap project, fablabs and arduino project and the philosophy behind the free and open source software and maker movement I wanted to get involved and make a contribution. It has been really great to see this project taken on by so many people around the world and to be joined and helped throughout by good friends.

The main thing I have been working on recently dev wise is emoncms a web application to process, store and visualise energy data. Please download it and check it out here: I have also been helping Glyn with the firmware side of emontx and the nanode rf.

I also share in the work of maintaining this site and am happy to answer questions and comments.

I live in snowdonia, north wales. If you would like to come and visit, see our setup here at oem labs, get in touch:




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