Raspberry Pi


Hardware (RFM12Pi)


With the addition of an RFM69Pi expansion board, the Raspberry Pi is able to receive data via wireless from other OpenEnergyMonitor modules such as an emonTx or emonGLCD. A Raspberry Pi can forward data to an emoncms sever, and/or log data locally to an SD card or hard drive.


RFM69Pi Adapter Board

The RFM69Pi adapter board is compatible with all models of the Raspberry Pi. The board enables a Pi to transmit and receive data from other OpenEnergyMonitor modules such as emonTx/emonTH via an
RFM12B or RFM69CW radio. The RFM69Pi will fit inside a standard Raspberry Pi case. 


Hardware technical documentation wiki:

RFM69Pi V3 (current design - February 2015)

RFM12Pi V1 Through Hole Assembly (old - non-supported)

RFM12Pi V2 (old - fully supported)


Open Hardware design: Download the RFM69Pi / RFM12Pi Schematic, PCB Eagle CAD files from Github: See the technical Wiki links above. 

Arduino compatible Firmware: The RFM69Pi and RFM12Pi use an ATmega328 which is supplied pre-loaded with Arduino compatible firmware. New firmware can easily be uploaded directly from the Pi via the serial uploader. See the wiki for details. 


emonHub can forward data received by the RFM69Pi / RFM12Pi to http://emoncms.org and/or to an instance of emoncms running on the Pi. emonHub is pre-installed on the ready-to-go SD card. The OS (Raspbian Linux) and application software run in read-only mode to help prevent premature SD card failure.
For more info, see: https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms/blob/bufferedwrite/readme.md