Hardware Modules 

Building blocks assembled together to form functional modules. 

All-in-one Unit 

Combined energy/temperature monitoring sensor node and web-connected RaspberyPi base-station



Sensor Nodes

Open source-energy monitoring transmitter node

emonTx V2 (old)

emonTx Arduino Shield

Arduino compatible energy monitoring shield


Low power temperature and humidity monitoring node



emonGLCD (old)

This item is no longer available  from the OEM shop

Base Stations (emonBase)

Receives data from transmitter nodes and posts it to an emoncms server (local, remote, or both)

For an overview of all base stations see the emonbase overview page

Raspberry Pi

With RFM69Pi expansion 

NanodeRF SMT (old)


Software Modules


A powerful, open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data.

Firmware GitHub

Arduino IDE compatible firmware sketches and compiled .hex files for hardware modules

All firmware and other software examples can be found on the OpenEnergyMonitor and Emoncms github.